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The Story Within a Story

Andy story

This tale is offered to you for free and spans 12 days, with each episode taking 5-10 minutes to read. The unique combination of the two intertwined narratives makes it captivating and unforgettable.

Five friends decide one day to create a story. As it takes shape, several entrepreneurs in town are impressed by the storyline, so they begin sponsoring their project one by one.

The main character of the story within a story is Andy, an orphan child who takes care of himself. The emperor of that realm has no heirs, so he gives each child in his village an egg to hatch, and they must then present the result to the emperor. Then he will choose a successor.

Despite Andy’s attention and efforts, he discovers that no chick has hatched from his egg. After 12 suspenseful days of reading, your children will discover in the final episode that while the other children proudly presented their chicks to the king, Andy returned the unaltered egg with a heavy heart.┬áTo everyone’s surprise, he is chosen by the emperor because he was honest and did not replace the emperor’s egg with his own chick.

How did the emperor know? None of the eggs were fertilized, so they couldn’t produce chicks. It was a test of integrity, not of zootechnics.

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